Independent advice for dentists

After you have your registration in the BIG register, you are finally ready to start working as a dentist in the Netherlands. Why not let us help you to a good start of your career here?

The KNMT helps newcomers in the Netherlands kickstart their careers by offering its members the so-called 'Startersgesprek' (Starter’s Interview). In this interview one of our Ledenservice experts give you independent and personal advice about working as a dentist in the Netherlands. You will receive answers to questions such as:

  • How can I find my way in Dutch oral care?
  • How can I find a job that suits me?
  • How does 'this or that' work in Dutch dentistry practices?
  • How do I deal with my colleagues and employer?
  • I’m going to be working for an employer. Do I still need to take out third-party liability insurance?
  • What types of remuneration are there? What arrangements do I need to make with my employer in this respect?

Something for you? Join the KNMT as a member and book a free Startersgesprek (Starter’s Interview) via KNMT’s Ledenservice (Members Service).