Member benefits

As a KNMT member, we’ve got you sorted – no matter at what stage of your career you may be. Here are the 25 major benefits that come with a KNMT membership.

  1. The largest professional association of the Netherlands is the strongest promoter of your interests, when it comes to such maters as policy, the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa), the Health Care Inspectorate (IGZ), and health insurers.

  2. Our practice owners and team know the ropes and provide hassle-free support with regard to KNMT’s Employment Conditions Scheme.

  3. Draw up, easily and free of charge, an employment contract or a contract to provide services.

  4. Gain access to the largest dentistry network of the Netherlands with the Dentistry Guide.

  5. Receive a free Patient Book each year.

  6. There are helpful handbooks and information for those starting a practice or partnership.

  7. Find an employee or job in the KNMT Dentistry Job Bank.

  8. Profit from discounts on insurance, tax and accounting advice – before you know it, you will have recouped your contribution.

  9. Get free mentions on the patient website.

  10. Enjoy impeccable complaints handling and peer support with KNMT’s Complaints Service.

  11. Receive a Guide to Rates each year.

  12. Use our free waiting room materials, designed to inform your patients about oral care, insurance, and quality.

  13. New laws, regulations, or guidelines are never a problem with our help in implementing these in your practice.

  14. Every other week the Netherlands Dentistry Journal is delivered to your door.

  15. Have a say in the future of your profession.

  16. Profit from an easy-to-build and easy-to-find website offering the best content: your own KNMT Practice Website for just €399.

  17. Enjoy huge discounts on refresher and further training courses offered by KNMT’s Academy.

  18. Are you looking to buy or sell a practice? KNMT’s Practice Finding/Selling Services are there for you!

  19. Have your quality peer-reviewed by KNMT’s Practice Inspector.

  20. Our Members Service is there to advise and assist you!

  21. Have your health insurance contract analysed every year.

  22. Start off your career without a hitch with KNMT’s Starter’s Interview (in Dutch)

  23. Receive the latest news on oral care and the association by email daily/weekly.

  24. Access 24/7 to KNMT’s Sharps Injury Helpline in case of a sharps injury.

  25. Follow curricula twice a year with your colleagues via IQual.