KNMT for starting dentists in the Netherlands

You are finally BIG registered and ready to start working as a dentist in the Netherlands. Congratulations and welcome to the Royal Dutch Dental Association.

Why become a starter member of the KNMT?

The 5 main reasons mentioned:
  1. As the largest professional association working on oral care, the KNMT can vigorously defend your interests in The Hague and Europe, as well as those of thousands other dentists, orthodontist, and oral surgeons. We are the party that authorities, institutions, and politicians naturally turn to for consultation.
  2. Starting working as a dentist means dealing with a lot of things. The KNMT can help you get off to a flying start, by arranging a personal Starter’s Interview with you, for example. Any further questions? If so, our Members Service is there to answer them every working day.
  3. The KNMT will help you stay up to date in your profession and in running your practice. Take the IQual study groups, inspections, seminars, conferences, and practical tools and support, which will all help you to comply with new and existing laws and regulations.
  4. Thanks to KNMT’s Dentistry Job Bank, you can easily and quickly find that wonderful new job at a practice anywhere in the Netherlands. It allows you to quickly draw up a contract using our free online employment contract generator. We can also check your contract to ensure it is in line with market standards.
  5. Stay current 24/7 with developments in oral care via, our e-newsletters, and the Netherlands Dentistry Journal – each day online at, and on Twitter and Facebook. And every fortnight it will be delivered to your door.
  6. All the additional member benefits, such as discounts on your health and other insurance, mean your membership will pay for itself.

How to become a KNMT starter member?

The following starter fees apply if you apply for membership of the KNMT within five months of your registration with the BIG Register. 

  • Free membership for the year you register with the BIG Register 
  • Year 1 after your BIG Register registration, you pay 100, including KNTM’s Complaints Service and KNMT branch fee 
  • Year 2 after your BIG Register registration, you pay 300, including KNTM’s Complaints Service and KNMT branch fee 
  • Year 3 after your BIG Register registration, you pay 500 including KNTM’s Complaints Service and KNMT branch fee 
  • Year 4 and on, you start paying a regular contribution, which will depend on your earnings.

These amounts include the KNMT Complaints Service (complaints procedure) and the branch fee. If you enclose a copy of your BIG registration certificate, we will do all the administrative work for you. This offer applies to everyone who registers with the BIG Register; it therefore also applies to dentists who have graduated abroad and who wish to start working in the Netherlands.

Not a member yet?

Apply for KNMT membership

Personal advice for starters

KNMT’s Members Service is happy to provide personal advice to members who are about to start working as a dentist in the form of a free Starter’s Interview. Here you will receive answers to questions such as:

  • I have just graduated. What options do I have to start working as a dentist?
  • How can I find a job that suits me?
  • I’m going to be working for an employer. Do I still need to take out third-party liability insurance?
  • What types of remuneration are there? What arrangements do I need to make with my employer in this respect?

Something for you? Book a free Starter’s Interview via KNMT’s Members Service. You are welcome to attend the interview at our offices in Utrecht, but we can also conduct it via Skype.