About the KNMT

The KNMT, the Royal Dutch Dental Association, is the professional body for dentists, orthodontists and oral surgeons. We have been setting the standard for oral care in the Netherlands for over a century. We work to create optimal conditions for our over 10,000 members to perform their work. Of course we also want the best oral care for their patients.


  • Promoting conditions and an environment in which our members can provide high-quality dental care.

  • Promoting the oral health of the entire Dutch population.


Every Dutch citizen has a right to quality oral health, and we make a solid contribution to its attainment. This means more than just keeping your own teeth and molars. A healthy mouth affects overall health and well-being. Quality patient care depends on proper conditions and an environment in which dentists and dental specialists can provide high-quality dental care. Such care must be provided together with other oral care professionals, primary care providers and other stakeholders. This is another area to which we are strongly committed.

Membership of the KNMT is open to all dentists and dental specialists.